How fast can you type on your mobile? This brief test allows you to test how fast you can type on your device and compare with others. Data is collected and used for scientific purposes only and strictly anonymized.


Please read carefully before continuing

  1. The typing test will take about 10 minutes of your time. You will be presented 15 sentences one by one. Read each sentence carefully, then type it as fast and accurately as possible.
  2. For each sentence, timing starts after the first keystroke and stops after the last one. Press the 'Enter' key or click the 'Next' button to type the next sentence.
  3. You can use autocorrection, autocompletion, swipe and any other advanced typing features you regularly use.
  4. You will get full statistics after completing 15 sentences and a short questionnaire.
  5. To get a better estimate of your performance, you can continue typing more sentences. You can also redo the test later; every time there will be different sentences.
  6. By clicking the 'Start the test!' button you give your informed consent for the data collection (anonymized).
  7. Please, note, that slow network connection might momentarily disable the 'Next' button until the next sentence is loaded.